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RV Safety Training
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Travel Trailer Pre Trip Checklist
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RV 101® with Mark Polk -  Food for Thought: All too often a trailer sits for periods of time not being used. Many times this non-use is for extended periods of time. When it’s time to use the trailer we tend to hook it up and drive off without really considering what may have gone wrong while it sat in storage. It’s common for a battery to discharge, for tires to be dangerously low on air, and for the trailer plug contacts to get dirty and corroded. If the trailer brakes don't work properly because of a dirty contact in the plug, or a tire fails because of under inflation it puts us and others in harm’s way. Always take time to conduct pre-trip checks prior to leaving on a trip.
Trailer Pre-Trip Checks 
_Inspect the trailer plug and vehicle receptacle contacts for dirt, debris and corrosion. Clean the plug and contacts as required to ensure a proper connection. Plug the light cord in and test all of the trailer lights.
_Connect the trailer break-away lanyard to a secure connection on the tow vehicle.
_After properly hitching the trailer test the operation of the trailer brakes. Remove any wheel chocks. Pull the trailer forward slightly and depress the brake pedal to verify the trailer brakes are engaging. Test the brake controller manual override for proper operation too.
_Check all tires for abnormal wear and any weather cracking or checking. If any cracks in the tire sidewalls are deeper than 1/32” have the tire inspected by a professional before towing the trailer.
_Check and adjust tire pressure in accordance with the federal certification label on the trailer and based on actual loads using the tire manufacturer load and inflation tables.
_Check the condition of the battery. For lead acid batteries check the water level in each cell and add distilled water as required.
_Check the battery state of charge using a multimeter or battery hydrometer. If you don’t feel comfortable working on or around lead acid battery’s have battery maintenance performed by an authorized service center.
_Every 5,000 miles or annually schedule a trailer brake and wheel bearing inspection. 
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