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Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro DVD Storefront

Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro DVD

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Instead of a DVD get our instant ONLINE training:
Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro Complete Online Video Training CLICK HERE

Now you don't have to drive across the country in search of a driving school to learn driving skills.

Video hosts Mark Polk (RV Education 101)and Lorrin Walsh (Professional driver & author of Tow Your 5th Wheel Like a Pro Book) provide you with the tools you can apply to help you become a professional driver. This means the development and execution of unique driving/towing techniques needed to become a safer and more confident driver so you can tow your fifth wheel like a pro.

This DVD is your complete guide to professional driving and towing techniques for every level of experience. This video takes commercial driving training techniques and converts them into easy to understand terms. It also explains basic rules that can be applied to any vehicle you are driving.

Towing a fifth wheel trailer, especially for the first time, can be very intimidating. Lots of people have been towing fifth wheel trailers for many years without a real understanding of the dynamics and driving techniques that apply to a tow vehicle and trailer. When most people learn to drive they are taught the hows- and not the whys. Learning the whys, or mechanics of driving and towing gives you the tools and skills that can be used with any vehicle and any driving/towing situation. This video will teach you how to tow your fifth wheel trailer like a pro.

98 min