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The RV Dealer Orientation Online Program (30 and under monthly customers) Recurring billing monthly

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RV Dealer

 *NOTE: this will charge your card today then every month thereafter on the first of the month.

 Welcome RV Dealers,

Thank you for your interest in the RV Education 101 RV Orientation Online Training Program. When I was the Sales Manager for an RV dealership in North Carolina I constantly received phone calls from new RV owners who couldn’t remember how something on their RV worked, or what was said to them during their RV walk through class.

I searched for an effective solution to help educate new RVers on how to properly and safely operate their RV’s, but soon discovered that there was very little in the way of RV consumer education material available. My answer to the problem was to produce an RV training video series that the RV consumer could watch and review whenever, wherever and as often as they needed to.

This RV Orientation program helps to build excitement prior to accepting delivery while providing preliminary training before the dealer staff gives the RV customer the official walk through. This will cut down on dealer orientation time, questions and follow-up calls to the dealership.

Over the past decade our RV training program has helped well over 250,000 RV consumers learn how to properly operate and maintain their RVs. Hundreds of RV dealers across the country benefit from what our program has to offer the customer oriented RV dealership. Although our physical DVD training program remains strong, and continues to grow, we wanted to keep up with today’s fast paced technology where innovative RV training methods are concerned.

Harness the Power of Online Video….

Educating the RV consumer on how to properly and safely use their new RV has never been easier than right now! The power of online video has quickly become the primary source for disseminating information to the consumer. When you combine online video technology with the need for repetitive viewing for long term memory retention, and the consumers desire to access the information instantly it’s easy to see why this is the most effective  training method available today.

The Training your Customers will Receive…

The RV Orientation online program consists of over 60 minutes of video training, along with bonus material consisting of RV tips, RV articles, RV crossword puzzles and much more. The video training is generic, covering both motorized and towable RV information, and is similar to the walk-through class you give your customers prior to taking delivery of the unit. It consists of easy to understand charts and hands-on instruction covering the LP gas system, water system, wastewater system  and the electrical system. In addition to the major systems of an RV the video includes instruction on RV appliances, RV accessories and much more. We even added a bonus chapter on RV safety features and some bloopers to make it more entertaining.

In addition to the RV Orientation training video your customers also receive an 8 minute video presentation on my recommended “RV Essential Items.” This product review presentation informs your customers on what items they will need to purchase, in addition to the “RV starter kit” to make all of their RVing experiences more enjoyable.  

Low Monthly Pricing…

RV education 101 is proud to offer RV dealers this comprehensive online RV training program to assist in educating your customers on using thier new RV. The really good news is the low monthly fee we can extend to RV dealers to deliver this content electronically to your customers.

If you deliver 30 units or less per month, the monthly fee is only $99.95.