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RV 101 - The RV Book printed 7th Edition Storefront

RV 101 - The RV Book printed 7th Edition

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The 7th Edition published 2020 - RV 101 - The RV Book - Your personal guide to understanding and enjoying your RV. "RV Expert" Mark Polk turns complex into easy, making all of your experiences safe, fun & stress free. We purchase RV’s so we can travel to new destinations, relax and build lasting memories with our family and friends. We want to get away from work, the phone calls and other day-to-day hassles. RVs give us the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. But, nothing will ruin a trip or a vacation quicker than not understanding how to properly use and maintain your RV.

Take a tour with Mark Polk and get all of your RV questions answered
➢ What is an RV?
➢ RV Terminology
➢ Selecting your RV
➢ Buying your RV
➢ Using your RV
➢ Maintaining your RV
➢ Weighing your RV
➢ Winterizing your RV
➢ Storing your RV
➢ RV Insurance
➢ RV Towing
➢ RV Safety
➢ RV Campground Basics
…and everything in between


Review by: GREG GERBER Founder of RV Daily Report ~
"Mark Polk has written a superbly insightful book on how to use and properly maintain any recreation vehicle. This indispensable guide will save RV owners plenty of money and countless hours of frustration. With the possible exception of a sewer hose, The RV Book should be the first thing new RV owners buy. After reading it, they should store it in the cabinet above their refrigerator - it will be like taking an RV service technician with them on vacation. As a seasoned RV user himself, Mark knows first hand what all RV owners need to know to enjoy a hassle-free and safe experience on the road and in the campground. Don't have an RV yet? The RV Book can help anyone select the right motorhome or travel trailer based on the unique needs of his or her family. Mark skillfully guides even the most novice of RV users through the sometimes complicated maze of buying, owning, storing and maintaining a recreation vehicle. The book's resource section lists the names of scores of companies and associations directly involved in the RV industry, along with their web addresses should further information be desired. Reading The RV Book is just like buying 10 years of RVing experience."

 "My personal advice is to get a copy of The RV Book by Mark Polk. It has an excellent section in it which covers why one type of RV is suitable for some people but not for others. He clearly points out things to consider which, in my personal experience, I unfortunately did NOT consider prior to purchase. It's water over the dam now but I wish I had had the book years ago"....Rick Young

"Dawn,My husband LOVES The RV Book I ordered him - I think he sleeps with it! LOL! Thanks to you and Mark's info - we bought a 1989 Bounder 34' and thanks to you, we made a more educated decision"...Mrs. Redding

Here at Rousseau's RV we find that our customers want to understand how their RV works and how to protect their investment for the long term. The RV Book, by RV Education 101 is a great source of knowledge, spelling out the details in layman’s terms for easy understanding. I think anyone that owns an RV should be required to read chapter 6 explaining the basic operation of all the mechanical systems in a typical RV. Additionally, many people new to RVs have picked up a copy to not only familiarize themselves with what’s involved in owning an RV but also to help them decide what they really need for their planned usage. Everything is explained in an easy to read format from: “So you’re thinking about a camper…” to “How do I winterize and put my unit in storage off season?” This book is a solid gem of knowledge every RVer should own!

Randy White
Store Manager
Rousseau’s RV Center
Lakeville, MA


345 pages