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RV 101 RV Checklists- The Original Checklists for RVers E-book PDF

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By: Mark Polk
5th Edition
Mark Polk knows first hand that checklists help to simplify our daily lives. Inevitably we forget something if we don't write it down. Especially true with RVs because there are just too many things to remember. You will want to protect you and your investment in a routine and safe manor. In this e-book, Mark, from his extensive RV background, has compiled all the checklists an RVer will ever need, all in one place. Applicable for pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, to use from the time you purchase your RV until you store it for winter and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! It includes checklists for Pre-delivery Inspections, Basic Inventory, Tools & Supplies, Getting There Safely, Campground Set-up, Pre-Trip, Home Security, Dinghy Towing, Essential Items, Nice to Have Items, Traveling with Pets, Awning Operation, Winterizing & De-winterizing your RV, Storing your RV, Battery Testing Chart, Spring Prep, and much more.

Hi Dawn and Mark, I can't Thank you enough for the "Checklist for RVers" instant e-book. I can honestly say that the both of you are well seasoned when it comes to RVing. It's evident by the way you presented all this valuable information. You laid out everything in laymen's terms. I feel that this should be sitting on book store shelves. You deserve a "HIGH 5" for all your efforts.

I am totally devoted to your web site. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.Ken & LaDonna W

Length: 85 pages with 40 checklists

Checklist 1
Pre-Delivery Inspection (Travel Trailer)
Page 6

Checklist 2
Pre-Delivery Inspection (Motor Home)
Page 10

Checklist 3
Pre-Delivery Inspection (Pop-ups)
Page 14

Checklist 4
Essential Items for your RV
Page 18

Checklist 5
Nice to Have Items for your RV
Page 20

Checklist 6
Tools and Maintenance Supplies
Page 22

Checklist 7
Basic Inventory Items for your RV
Page 23

Checklist 8
Pre-Trip Checks
Page 26

Checklist 9
Hitching & Unhitching (Travel Trailer)
Hitching & Unhitching (5th Wheel)
Hitching & Unhitching (Pop-up)
Page 28
Page 30
Page 31

Checklist 10
Home Security while you are Away
Page 32

Checklist 11
Trip Planning Checklist
Page 33

Checklist 12
Traveling with Pets Checklist
Page 34

Checklist 13
Campground Set-Up (Travel Trailer & Motorhome)
Page 36

Checklist 14
Campground Set-Up (Pop-up)
Page 39

Checklist 15
Manual Awning Operation Checklist
Page 41

Checklist 16
Winterizing your RV Checklist
Page 43

Checklist 17
De-Winterizing your RV Checklist
Page 45
Checklist 18
Storing your RV Checklist
Page 46

Checklist 19
Spring Preparation Checklist
Page 48

Checklist 20
Sanitizing Your RV Water System
Page 51

Checklist 21
Hot Weather Maintenance Checklist
Page 52

Checklist 22
Towing Behind a Motor Home Safety Checklist
Page 54

Checklist 23
Daily RV Logbook
Page 55

Checklist 24
Never Leave Home Without It Checklist
Page 56

Checklist 25
AC & DC Amp Draw Charts
Page 59

Checklist 26
Improving Fuel Economy Checklist
Page 60

Checklist 27
Refrigerator Efficiency Checklist
Page 62
Checklist 28
Emergency Weather Planning Checklist
Page 64
Checklist 29
Inspecting for Water Damage Checklist
Page 66

Checklist 30
Buying an RV Checklist
Page 68

Checklist 31
Battery Testing Chart
Page 70

Checklist 32
RV Travel Security
Page 71

Checklist 33
Getting There Safely Checklist
Page 73

Checklist 34
Rodent Control Checklist
Page 75

Checklist 35
Campground Savvy Checklist
Page 77

Checklist 36
RV Awning Inspection Checklist
Page 79

Checklist 37
RV Fire Safety Checklist
Page 81

Checklist 38
RV Tire Checklist
Page 82

Checklist 39
RV Tire Gauge Accuracy
Page 83

Checklist 40
RV Generator Checklist
Page 85