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RV Care & Maintenance DVD - RV DIY®

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RV DIY® preventive maintenance is maintenance performed on your RV BEFORE a problem exists. Preventive maintenance checks are designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, malfunction or failure of a component or system on your RV. The RV DIY Care & Maintenance DVD addresses issues like: information on the proper care and maintenance for the interior of your RV, the exterior of your RV, RV appliances, LP gas system, water system, electrical system, RV generators, RV battery’s, chassis & frame and RV tires. Let RV expert Mark Polk, help you to thoroughly understand how to take care of your RV. If you don't feel comfortable performing these checks, take it to your authorized dealer. Watch as many times as you need to.

78 minutes  

 "I learned the hard way. I had to have emergency maintenance repairs when I least expected them due to system failure, costing me quite a bit of money. I know now they could have been prevented had I performed scheduled and preventive maintenance on my RV.” Kurt Bray

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