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RV Awning Use, Care and Accessories Video download for a PC desktop Storefront

RV Awning Use, Care and Accessories Video download for a PC desktop

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Endorsed by KOA and Explorer RV Insurance

By: Mark Polk
* Inspecting & Cleaning your RV Awnings

* Patio Awning Operation

* Installing Window Awnings

* RV Awning Accessories

RV Expert Mark Polk walks you through the step-by-step process to using, caring for & accessorizing your RV awnings. Polk explains the different types of RV awnings and awning fabrics, and how to properly clean & inspect the awning fabric & hardware. Next he demonstrates how to use the awnings on your RV & how to install a window awning in six easy steps. As an added bonus the video demonstrates some products available on the market to fully accessorize and enjoy your RV awnings.

The awnings on your RV will provide you with years of trouble-free operation if you take the time to properly care for and maintain your RV awnings. Mark Polk, the video host demonstrates everything you need to know about your RV awnings in an easy to understand format. He discusses what to do & what not to do when cleaning the awnings, how to properly inspect and operate your RV awnings & how to easily install a window awning. One section in the video covers the most common causes for RV awning damage & how to prevent these from happening to you. If you own an RV this is a must have video to add to your RV library.

(Customer Feedback) "I am embarrassed to say that until I discovered and viewed this video, I did not know how to use the awning on our RV. In fact, it was so bad that I would not even attempt to put the awning out at the campground! After watching Mark demonstrate how to use the patio awning (twice) I now look like an experienced RV pro. I even assisted a fellow camper with his awning during our last outing. The information in this video is tremendous, thank you very much. P.S. In the very near future I plan to tackle installing my own window awnings." Marc Tanner Las Vegas, NV.

Length: 24 Minutes


NOTE*  The delivery of the  RV Education 101® video files below include both FLV to stream and the most universal file which is an MP4 file to be downloaded to your computer. These videos will play on Apple devices IF you have a windows program, or a converter that converts to an mov file. You can also sync the MP4 file with your Itunes account.   The below downloads WILL NOT WORK on an Ipad Air and we can not guarantee it will work on any Mac or Apple device.