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Marks Recommended 10 minute RV Essential Items DVD Storefront

Marks Recommended 10 minute RV Essential Items DVD

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By Mark Polk Length - 10 min. 30 sec.
Our training videos have helped tens of thousands of RVers over the years; but we realized that even though we were showing you how to use your RV we weren't telling you what you would want or need to take with you to make your RV experiences more enjoyable. When you buy your first RV you really don’t know what to expect the first few times you venture out on a trip. Even after receiving the RV Dealer "Starter Kit", it can be disappointing and frustrating to get to the campground and discover you don't have the essential items you need for your RV. To assist "new RVers" I have developed what I refer to as my recommended "RV Essential Items List." These are not the nice to have items; they are the essential items to make you RV experiences more relaxing and trouble free. Most of these essential items are available at your local RV dealership. "Your web site and products are ALL fantastic!!! And we will certainly be ordering MANY MANY more items from you. Again, your service is unmatched, and I have already watched all three of the DVDs we ordered and read your RV book. I cannot tell you how helpful this is for "new RVers". We are quickly telling everyone about your site, products and most of all your fantastic customer service. I cannot say enough good things about your company. We will be clients for many years to come. Congratulations on such a marvelous job! Thanks so much! Signed - A new RV owner, Steve Cox......Virginia