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Vintage Trailer Restoration - 17 Episodes on DVD
Vintage Trailer Restoration - 17 Episodes on DVD Storefront

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Vintage Trailer Restoration - 17 Episodes on DVD
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RV DIY Projects

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A 4 DVD Box Set with over 8 hours of RV Instruction!

Mark's RV Garage
Award Winning 17 Episode Series
presented by RV Education 101
RV Education Plus a Vintage Trailer Restoration

How we went from this.....  

to this....       in 6 months

I have always been a hands on type of guy. After being cooped up in an office for a while I need to get out and work on something. One winter day, I had cabin fever and decided I was going to produce an  RV How-To TV series titled Mark's RV Garage:
Hosted by Mark, Dawn & Tyler Polk.
Mark's RV Garage 17 episode award winning series is an entertaining and educational RV how-to series presented by RV Education 101. Host Mark Polk gives you an inside look into RV’s, RV Products, RV product installations, RV upgrades, RV destinations, RV Trivia, & much more.

The highlight throughout the RV how-to series is a vintage trailer restoration project. Mark and his son Tyler decide a "fixer upper" project would be fun, but soon discover their project trailer would require more than a few weekends to complete. Follow the epic 7 month-long fun educational and entertaining journey as Mark and Tyler demo the vintage trailer down to the frame and then rebuild to its former glory.

On each episode of Mark’s RV Garage you will have fun while learning more about your own RV.
WARNING: Viewing this series can be very addictive. Find a comfortable chair, get your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy the award winning Mark's RV Garage RV How-To series:
A Vintage Trailer Restoration Project
Mark Polk purchases a 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer as a fun father & son project. Little does he know that what begins as a "fixer upper" turns into a full blown RV restoration. Follow the 7 month journey from start to finish and watch as they breathe new life into the old Yellowstone trailer.
I think there are lots of these old vintage trailers sitting around out there that can be found and restored back to a useable condition at a fairly reasonable cost. Find an old trailer you like the looks of, or one that has some character. If you can find one with a semi-solid structure at the right price and you like the way it looks it can make a fun vintage trailer restoration project. I say go for it, you only go around once, have some fun! ~Mark Polk
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Disclaimer: This video series is for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be used as a guide to restoring a Recreation Vehicle. There are many codes and requirements involved in a restoration project. If you don't feel comfortable working on your RV take it to an authorized RV repair facility to have the work performed.
Episode #1: Flushing the water heater tank. Kissimmee FL KOA. Learn about your RV tires
Episode #2: Search for vintage travel trailer project. Best sewer hoses. Myrtle Beach SC KOA. Clean & maintain your RV Roof. Increase fuel economy.
Episode #3: Using sealants on your RV roof. MaxAir II vent cover. Tire pressure gauges. Branson, MO KOA
Episode #4: Demo project trailer. Rescuing Roxie, Install a RV step rug
Episode #5: Framing the trailer. Rough-in wiring. Protect your RV from power surges. RV holding tank maintenance. Protect your RV awning
Episode #6: 12-volt wiring, Install roof decking. Work on trailer interior. RV patio awning lights. Maximize your RV refrigerators efficiency.
Episode #7: Install interior walls. Install new vinyl flooring. Dirt Devil central vacuum cleaner. RV inverters. Backing a 5th wheel trailer. Niagara Fall KOA.
Episode #8: Work on the trailer interior. Battery operated LED lights. The Tin Can Tourists organization
Episode #9: Install gray & black water holding tanks. Install a window awning. Quick tip sizing a patio mat
Episode #10: Install shower surround & toilet. Wire the power center. Install TPMS in your RV.
Episode #11: Install EPDM rubber roof. Install a 360 siphon odor extractor. Protect your valuables.
Episode #12: Install motorized TV antenna, Install roof mounted AC. Install vent covers. Install LP gas lines. Cape Hatteras KOA
Episode #13: Install refrigerator & microwave. Wire GFCI outlets. Install solar battery charger.
Episode #14: Install tankless water heater. Test electrical system. Steer Safe installation.
Episode #15: Test water system for leaks. Install exterior metal & windows. Install back-up camera. RV Maintenance Mishaps.
Episode #16: Install stabilizer jacks. Install electric tongue jack. Test LP gas system. Install LP gas detector. Prep trailer for paint
Episode #17: Season Finale: The Old Yellowstone trailer gets a fresh coat of paint. Install a new axle. Install disc brakes. Install Actulink electric/hydraulic brake actuator. Install Equalizer hitch. Mark reflects back on series through Q&A.