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A Collection of RV Tips E-book PDF

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This e-book is a direct result of feedback from RV Education 101 consumers. We have had numerous requests to compile some tips that would be useful to RVers, regardless of their level of experience. Some of the tips are very basic and simple while others are more detailed and technical. There are tips that will save the RVer time and money, and some that will prevent untimely, costly repairs to the RV. Some of the tips are common sense, some you learn from experience, and some were passed on from other RVers. My six year old son (at the time) Tyler is an avid RVer. When he found out I was writing this e-book he wanted to contribute some of his own tips based on his RV experiences. I included Tyler’s Tips (in his writing & spelling) and for his contribution I dedicate this e-book to him.

"Hello Dawn and Mark. I found your RV Education 101 web site. I downloaded the Collection (101) RV Tips E book. Wow, so much good information. Then I said to my wife, if the E Book is this good, I wonder how good the Tapes and DVD's must be. I ordered 3 tapes. THEY ARE GREAT and very informative. I want to take this time out and tell you both that I am happy that we have people like you both to help people like me. Again, thanks to the both of you.

P.S. I also told the RV dealer that they should order the collection of all your Tapes and DVD's and I will pass your name around also...Stephen Mason...New Jersey. 27 pages