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Towing Behind Your Motorhome Video download for a PC desktop
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Towing Behind Your Motorhome Video download for a PC desktop
Price: $19.95
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Endorsed by KOA and Explorer RV Insurance

By: Mark Polk

"Towing Behind Your Motorhome is a good DVD for new RVers and those who are unsure of salesmen (high pressure) and are looking for broad ideas for towing and other accessories. It is much more detailed than I had expected and is an excellent source for beginners to full timers. During the presentation there were numerous web sites for braking systems. Best of all I can watch it over if I missed important information. It is well worth the price." Mark J. Thomas..Highways Magazine Product Evaluator Learn everything you need to know about "Towing Behind Your Motorhome" In the world of RV's a "Dinghy" or "Toad" is a term used for the vehicle you are towing behind your motor home. Making the decision to purchase a motor home will eventually require more decisions, one of them being, will you tow a vehicle behind the motor home. If you haven't made the decision to tow, or not to tow when you initially purchased your RV, you will probably decide soon after venturing out the first couple times with the RV. When you arrive at your destination and hook the RV up at the campground you might discover that you need to run to the local grocery store, or you want to go do some sight seeing. You will probably wish you had a small, economical vehicle along with you. It's convenient to tow a vehicle behind your motor home and it's not that difficult once you learn how to. The thought of towing a vehicle can seem confusing, almost overwhelming. What vehicles can you tow with all four wheels down, will you need to use a tow dolly, how much weight can you tow behind your motorhome? I have seen many accidents just waiting to happen with motor homes towing vehicles. This is because of various reasons like the tow vehicle exceeding weight limits, tow bars not properly set up, no braking system on the towed vehicle, towing vehicles without the proper modifications and much more. That's the purpose and goal of this DVD, to help you learn how to properly tow a dinghy, and to assist you in making the right decisions to meet your particular towing needs. Now you can learn everything you need to know about towing behind your motorhome the easy way, by video. Let RV expert Mark Polk, help you to thoroughly understand all of your motorhome towing options. Watch as many times as you need to. RV Education 101 videos also make great gifts for any RVer. Length: 51 minutes