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RV Boondocking In New Mexico PDF e-book
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RV Boondocking In New Mexico PDF e-book
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By Marianne Edwards
159 Pages
The Frugal Shunpiker's Guide "RV Boondocking In New Mexico" provides precise, easy-to-follow directions to 80 frugal (usually free) camping locations that we personally used near the most popular (and lesser-known but waiting for you to discover them) destinations in New Mexico.

Many other guidebooks and websites will tell you about campgrounds but not the free ones.

Through 9 years of shunpiking (driving the back roads), we've discovered many scenic dry camping options. Most are right on route to New Mexico's major attractions.

If you prefer to camp for free in the most scenic locations, prefer traveling around rather than staying in one place, and are looking for affordable adventures and variety in your RV travels, you need this guide.
Detailed directions to every suggested attraction and campsite.

A New Mexico map shows the suggested routes and where to camp for free along each route.

Easy Referencing: The book is divided into color-coded sections corresponding to the 5 different geographical areas shown on the map. A full index at the back of the book is also a helpful tool.

A detailed one-month itinerary covers the most popular New Mexico destinations. Follow it, see all the major attractions, and spend less than $100.00 in camping fees for the entire month!

Tips on what to see, where to camp, where to shop, where to eat, where to find free water, free RV dump stations, propane, showers, wi-fi Internet, and more.

Hiking suggestions.We love to hike so we've listed some of our favorite New Mexico hikes.

A Camping Accessibility Index.This quick reference for all 80 camping areas listed in the guide shows whether a tent can be set up and what size of RV can easily access each site.

With your purchase you will receive free of charge the 23 page Frugal Shunpiker's e-Guide: Basic Boondocking. Marianne, the author will send you the bonus e-book and updates to your e-mail as she gets them.

What You'll Get In This Bonus Book.
This is the guide that answers the question we are asked most often: "How do you do it? How do you manage to get away so often and for so long on your (limited) income?"

It also answers many other questions such as: "How can you live in such a small space without killing each other? Why do you prefer dry camping? Is it safe? How can you trust driving an older vehicle? How do you find all these places to camp for free? What about showers? Why don't you drive one of those bigger RVs? Why don't you use hookups?"

This 23-page printable eBook answers all those questions and explains the basics of dry camping - the way we do it.


Review from Mark Polk - RV Education 101:
If you enjoy boondocking (dry camping), saving money, and witnessing spectacular sights Marianne Edwards E-book series on RV Boondocking are for you. Each e-book (there are currently 3, Arizona, New Mexico & Texas with more titles on the way) is loaded with valuable information for campers on where to go boondocking, how to get there and what to do and see once you arrive.

.What I really enjoyed is how Marianne separates each state into sections making it easy to concentrate on a specific route you may want to follow, or a specific area of the state you intend to visit. Within each section she goes into great detail on what that area of the state has to offer; from what time of year it is best to visit the area to State & National Parks, monuments, attractions, facts, fees, wildlife, free camping, hiking, information on the local communities and so much more. These books are well organized in an easy to read manner and the photographs highlighting some of the attractions makes you want to load up the RV and hit the road right now.

If you are planning to visit any region of any state Marianne has written about don't leave home without the e-book. It is a valuable guide to getting the most out of your trip while saving the most too. Whether you camp in a tent, dry camp in an RV or camp with all of the amenities these e-books offer something for everyone.

As an added bonus when you order an e-book you will receive Marianne's RV Boondocking Basic e-book free of charge. It is a great primer on what boondocking is and it is full of tips and tricks to save you money and make the most out of all of your boondocking experiences.