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Retire to an RV -The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement Living PDF Kindle e-book
Retire to an RV -The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement Living PDF Kindle e-book Storefront

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Retire to an RV -The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement Living PDF Kindle e-book
Price: $19.95
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authors Jaimie Hall and Alice Zyetz
Are you considering the RV lifestyle? Is it for you? Can you afford to retire AND travel 365 days a year? Retire to an RV provides you with the information to help you make that decision. This ebook address key questions and areas that those considering the lifestyle want to know. Resources and URLs are included with each chapter as well as a special 10-page resource section to provide even more information. In addition to the authors’ considerable knowledge, 41 experienced RV solo and couples contribute their viewpoint and experiences on each topic, adding a depth not ordinarily found in most “how-to” RV books.

"Retire in an RV-Roadmap to Affordable RV Retirement is by far the most comprehensive guide to full-time RVing I have ever seen. It is easy to read. In addition to getting the authors' knowledgeable information on all these topics, the opinions and comments from numerous other full-time RVers covers all of the bases. For anybody planning, or just considering full-time RVing this is a must, must read. Great e-book!" ~Mark Polk


Reading Retire to an RV on your Kindle, Nook or iPad/iPhone

To get the PDF onto your Kindle:

Every Kindle has a personal email address that you chose when you got your kindle. It should be something along the lines of "name"@kindle.com . If you have yet to set one up or don't remember it, go to "Manage Kindle" on Amazon.com and find out. Also, MAKE SURE your email is on the "Approved Email List" on the Amazon "Manage Kindle" page.

Send an email to "name"@ free.kindle.com ("name" being the first part in YOUR PERSONAL Kindle email mentioned above) On the email, attach the PDF file of "Retire to an RV." Leave the subject line AND body text blank. The email should be entirely blank except for the attached file. After you send the email, Amazon will send you an email back after a little bit Plug your Kindle into your computer and drag the file from the email Amazon sent you onto your kindle.


Send an email with an attachment of the PDF to "name"@ kindle.com and Amazon will send it directly to your Kindle. This method is easier, BUT Amazon will charge you 15 cents to convert and send you the file.

To get the PDF onto your Nook:

Plug your Nook into your computer

Open up the Nook in explorer, it will appear as a new removable drive Drag the PDF of "Retire to an RV" into the "Documents" folder on your Nook

To get the PDF onto your IPad/IPhone:

You have two options here:
1. Open the email with the PDF of "Retire to an RV" attached and read from your mail app


2. Download an app that is specifically used for reading PDF files. I personally use one called CloudReaders, however there are many other options. Some cost money and some are free, CloudReaders is free. To get the PDF file into the app, plug your IPad/IPhone into your computer and open itunes. Click your device in the sidebar and then click on the "apps" tab on the top. Scroll down to the file sharing area of the menu. Click the app (ex. CloudReaders) and drag the files or open the files using the button in the menu on itunes. **BEST OPTION**- reading through the email app can be unreliable sometimes.

3. Open the email with the pdf of "Retire to an RV" in your mail app. Once it opens, save it to iBooks.